Liyanage Resort


Stick fishermen of Sri Lanka.

Fishing Sticks

While you are around Mirissa, you must get a time visit the lovely scenery of Fishing on sticks. We can guide you for the best places at the best time.


Guiding to Surfing spots

We know you love surfing just as the web but more exciting than that in this real-world. Southern Province of Sri Lanka has an attracting beach that forces us to go to the apex of a wave of pleasure. We’ve cautiously chose places which makes your holiday awesome with the blossoms of golden valleys…


Air Port Pickup

Never feel alone at Air Port, we’ll pick you up safely to our place with honour. As soon your reserve your space, we’re waiting for your gathering. We need you at our home-sweet-home just like the pearl of Indian Ocean. Be our guest!


Guiding to Whale Watching spots

Lover of Nature? What an awesome creature! No doubt you love to watch how whales play in their lovely season just like yours. Not just that, they’re excited of your arrival to show their talents. So let us guide you to the best stages of Whales by the Liyanage Resort.

1357318175_0!!-!!Hikkaduwa coral reef

Guiding to Coral Reef Watching

If your childhood was awesome, (we know it is!) you might had some fantasy with Mermaids and Palaces under the sea. Who can ever say there’s no any? You must check it out yourself. Our Resort is closer to the super-duper spots of coral reefs that we can recommend to have…



In Mirissa Sri Lanka, there are plenty of places that offer the best Spa services in Sri Lanka which has our unique style of serving according to the cultural background. Also for that, we have the best list of service providers we can recommend and which our previous customers did recommend.

line of luxury used cars


We have our own space for your parking needs and it’s toll free. Plenty of space for almost any vehicle you have.